Dealing with Garden Bugs, Think More Organically

Nathan from shares some great tips about dealing with garden insects. Pests may not always be as bad as they seem. First ask yourself, Are these bugs REALLY doing that much damage to my beautiful vegetable plants? They may munch a few leaves, but do they leave behind enough for you to eat? Take a look at the video to get some great tips about how to deal with insects  in your garden.

Dealing with Garden Bugs Organically

  1. Identify the bug. Capture one of the insects and then look online, in a gardening book, or ask a local expert.
  2. Figure out what you can do about the bug without resorting to toxic pesticides.
  3. Decide if maybe you can grow that plant at a different time of year, when bugs aren’t such a problem, or maybe just grow something different.

Some organic pest control measures:

  • Companion planting
  • Bring in beneficial insects
  • Attract insect predators such as birds and frogs
  • Maintain good soil health, a strong well nourished plant may be better suited to withstand insect attack

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