Eat Your Weedies, Edible Weeds and Composting Tips

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Instead of fighting the weeds in your garden why not eat them or put them to good use in some way?

Nathan from share some great info about weeds in this video.

Some weeds are edible and actually taste better than the vegetables you may be trying to grow. Just make sure you make a 100% positive identification before you try to eat any weed. Some weeds have poisonous look alikes. So dine at your own risk and be sure you are eating the right plant.

Eat Your Weedies – Edible Weeds, Gardening Tips

Check with a local expert if you are unsure about any weed.

Weeds and Compost

Weeds also make a great addition to your compost pile. Some weeds have deep roots that go way down into the earth. That means they can pull up minerals that cannot be reached by many vegetable plants. When you throw the weeds into your compost pile, the nutrients end up in the compost and then become available to your plants when you use the finished compost.

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