Edible Trees

Edible Trees

Here are 3 great edible trees to grow in your yard. Trees need very little care and they live for a long time. If you are just planting lettuce for example you have to plant it over and over.  Trees provide an ongoing food source. A much easier way to get nutritious plant food.

  • Moringa is a complete protein and is very nutritious.
  • Katuk has peanut tasting leaves.  Should be cooked, don’t eat it raw.
  • Chaya  also needs to be cooked, do not eat raw.

Edible TreesCheck out the video for more information about these food source plants that are unbelievably easy to grow.

All these plants really need is a warm climate. To get started, cut a branch off a friend’s tree and stick it in the ground.


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  1. Joe

    I have been eating that Chaya. It is good, but too much of it gets bitter. Good to mix with other veggies.

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