Growing Native Plants

Are you aware of which plants are native to your region?

Many people grow plants that they find at their local nursery or seed store. Do you know if the plants are native to your area, or have they been imported?

In this video, you can learn about some very useful plants. Good for food, beautifying the landscape, attracting birds, providing shade, generating compost material, making tea and many other plant uses.

Florida Native PlantsOne thing to think about when starting any plant – How much space is this plant going to take up? Consider both the horizontal and vertical size of the adult plant. Just like when you get a new pet, like a puppy, you have to think about how big the thing is going to get. Many plants can be trimmed back and pruned, think about how much work that is going to be and if you are going to be up for the work it takes to maintain it. Some plants keep to a nice size all by themselves, or need just light trimming. Other plants, like Moringa and bamboo, can grow aggressively and get out of hand quickly.

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