How to grow sweet potatoes

Growing Sweet Potato

grow sweet potatoNathan from explains how easy it is to grow sweet potatoes. If you find some good sweet potatoes at the grocery store, simply save a piece of the sweet potato before cooking, and plant it. Once you get them started, you can get an abundance by planting stems with a few leaves around. They don’t require a lot of fertilizer or maintenance. They grow in even “Junky” soil.

Growing Sweet Potato

sweet potatoEdible Leaves Too

The leaves of the sweet potato plant are edible too. In hot climates it can be difficult to grow lettuce and other leafy greens in the summer. Sweet potato leaves provide leafy greens for salad, even in hot weather. They are many varieties of sweet potatoes, so you can get different color leaves going for a beautiful edible landscape and a colorful salad.

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