Growing Wildflowers for Beauty and Food

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wildflowers2The Permaculture group discusses some awesome wildflowers which are both beautiful and some are useful for food or attracting pollinators.

Some of these plants can help enhance your landscaping and improve the appeal of your yard.

Growing Wildflowers for Beauty and Food

Native Wildflowers

  • Scarlet Hibiscus (not edible)
  • Georgia Calamint, very fragrant, makes a good tea
  • Spiderwort
  • Tropical sage
  • Partridge pea, nitrogen fixer
  • Dotted horsemint, attracts beneficial insects
  • Passionflower, beautiful vining plant. Makes a relaxing tea. Produces and edible fruit.
  • Dune sunflower, ground-cover for hot dry places. Great biomass.

Try growing some of these wonderful plants in your own yard or garden. We would love to hear about your favorite wildflowers. Please utilize the comment box below. Thanks!

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