Overwatering or Underwatering, Gardening 101

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  • Learn about how much water your plants really need.
  • How to conserve rain water in your yard and garden.
  • Is the water really getting to the roots of your plant?
  • Dangers of over-watering.

Nathan Levy from StPete.LocallyGrown.net shares watering tips with us in this video.

Did you know that over-watering can promote knot root nematodes? They thrive in wet conditions and can kill your plant, or make it weak.
Too much water can also cause the roots to rot and wipe out your plant.

How do you know that water is actually getting down into the soil? You have to physically check your soil. In some cases water just runs off. Poke your finger or a small shovel down into the soil to find out if water is actually getting down to the roots.

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