Red Wigglers, Worm Farm for Compost

worm foodA great way to make compost or seed starter. Nathan from explains how to start a worm farm and care for the worms. The worms feed on stuff that you would normally just throw in the garbage.

Red wigglers are really easy to care for.

  • Keep them moist at all times
  • Keep them in a dark place
  • Feed them kitchen scraps, junk mail, paper and coffee grounds.

You can go to your local coffee shop and they often have a bunch of coffee grounds that they are willing to give you.

These worms multiply like rabbits. All you need is a small handful of them to start out and in no time you will have a whole bunch.

They will make compost for you that you can use for seed starters or to supplement your plants.

nathan red wigglersSpecial thanks to Nathan from for this lesson on worm farming.

Happy gardening and worm farming!

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